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Lesvos (Mytilene) is a Greek island in the North Agean Sea. It is the 3rd largest of the Greek islands and has a long history that goes back more than 3.000 years. It has been the birthplace of famous people, such as the poets Sappho and Alcaeos, Arion the Guitarist, and Pittacus, one of the seven wise men of ancient Greece. A tradition that even continues today and gives the island that distinctive atmosphere which makes it so different from the rest.

Lesvos belongs to the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea. Its area is 1.636 km2. It is the third in size island of Greece that abstains 188 n.m. from Piraeus, 218 n.m. from Thessaloniki and 55 n.m. from Chio.

The population is about 100.000 people and Mytilene is the capital of the island, as well as an administrative center - the central offices of the Ministry of Aegean, the Regional Authority of Northern Aegean and the Rectorate of Aegean University  are located in Mytilene. Lesvos includes, in total, 13 Municipalities. 

Its coastline forms two  Bays in the south - Geras and Kallonis - and a lot of bights and promontories. The main plains are the plains of Kalloni, Ippeiou, Perama and Eresou. The most important mountains are Lepetimnos, Olimpos and Psilokoudouno. There are streams flowing through the fertile plains, among them Tsiknias, Tsixliotas, Milopotamos, Sedountas and Almiropotamos. The Eastern and central part of the island is cloaked in olive groves, pines, firs, planetrees, chestnuts, beeches and plane trees. Generally the flora and fauna of the island are extremely rich.

The climate of Lesvos is a mild, Mediterranean climate, with sunlight all the year round. 

The local economy is based on the rural production and specificaly on the cultivation of olive trees, producing an exceptional quality of olive oil, as well as on the stock-farm and fishery. The sector of distillery is developed (production of ouzo), while a large part of the population is professionally involved with the tourism.

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